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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Laundry List of How Not to Grow Old

I went to my local music hot spot on Saturday night. Well, at least the one that's only about a quarter mile from my house in Essex. Noah and I go there often, because they always have some spunky cover band and it's a place to grab a drink very close to my dwelling. But there is a definite other reason that we stop in time after time : people watching. Let's just say we bring the median age down when we walk in the door. It's pretty reminiscent of a Class of Late 80's high school reunion. There is something enjoyable about watching the different ways people dance and the kick they get out of music hits from their time, all while under the influence of alcohol. There is no lack of feathered bangs, light wash denim on denim and Stetson hats. Most people seemed to have updated there styles but there is no hiding "the parents have a night out" looks on some faces. Others seem to be there looking for post-divorce hook-up, pounding the beers and letting the lack of inhibition take a hold of their dancing skills as the slowly close in on equally single looking partner. But then there are couples who just look like they will be perfectly happy slow dancing just like they used to, every Saturday night, for the remainder of their lives. That's the cute part to watch. The couples that seemed to have enjoyed dancing with each other for at least a decade or two.

Besides feeling young and being slightly out of place just because of my age, this local night spot makes me think of how I do or do not want to grow old. I have compiled a rough mental list of things I definitely need to take in to account as I grow older.

*Those clothes you wore 10 or 20 years ago won't work for you now, turn them in to a vintage clothing store so a new generation of youngsters can be fashionable wearing them.

*If you're going to wear jeans, especially out, make sure they actually fit and flatter you. Actually, this goes for any bit of clothes.

*A good undergarment can really make or break how you look (I've really always thought this was the staple to looking good, especially for a women).

*Keep your long hair as long as it looks youthful, not dry and old. Hair length on women seems to get shorter as age goes up, but I've always interpreted long locks as attractive and alluring, as long as it's well taken care of.

*Most importantly, don't stop caring about your appearance. Even if you are dedicated to one person for many years it's still important to look attractive to them, regardless of what age you are.

*Don't start listening to an "oldies" station just because you enjoy the hits of your generation. People are making good music, all the time, and everyone can listen to it.

Those are a rough set of rules I have compiled in my head. They are much more to do with not looking old than not feeling old. I'm working on the "not feeling old" part by giving up caffeine, getting more sleep and staying active. I guess we have to all grow old some time, but there are definitely people that do it more gracefully than others. I want to be in that group.

On to the song, er...the track. Proving you can do a great remix of an already great song is A-Trak with his cut of Robyn's Indestructible

Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Remix) by A-Trak

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