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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Ins and Outs of Moving Out

The apartment search is on, well full on. I have sent at least ten emails with only one legit response back. I did get two other responses, though. Surprisingly [or not] they were both from people out of town whose significant other was overseas doing charity work - so all the paperwork would have to be done via mail. Yea, right. I can't even see the apartment before I make a commitment and send out a check for it? No thanks. Why do people try to scam nice people looking for a nice place to live? It really gets me. But I very quickly learned that something that sounds even a little bit too good to be true, is. I have been through enough ridiculousness in my life to have to add this crap in to it.

Sorry, that was my brief craigslist rant. So, moving out. I have only been living in my current dwelling for about two years [take a few months]. I feel like I have accumulated so much stuff since then. This weekend I cleaned out, err...attacked, my closets. My "coat closet" was full of toys and shoes and miscellany that myself or my sister just didn't feel like putting away where it didn't belong. A few trash bags later and it only has coats, a few shoes and some dog food. At least stuff doesn't spill out of it when you open it, and it doesn't put up an honest fight when you shut it, hoping the hinges don't fly off the door in a frenzy. The closet upstairs was a whole other story. The closet is the length of the room, about 12' long by maybe 3' deep. The middle 4 ft were ok, but the sides of the closet were completely engulfed with stuff. Stuff I hadn't seen for at least a year. That took 2 hours, a stick of incense and 6 more trash bags to complete. It's done, and really organized.

One of the reasons that I like to move so often (at least once every 2 years for the last 8 years) is that I really have no choice but to purge things that I don't need. I really don't like the moving process, but I really enjoy getting a new space to set up and place everything neatly. I don't look forward to a very long day of lifting heavy things only to come back to a new place full of boxes, then passing out on just a mattress and a blanket of some sort because you're just too tired to even set the bed up. But when I wake up the next morning THAT's what I look forward to. Waking up, next to someone I love, that I'm starting a new adventure with. Sorting through stuff and creating a space that we can call home. I really like that feeling.

With an open mind, we are venturing to look at the first apartment today. We'll see how it goes. Although there may be boxes and u-hauls and more trash bags in my very near future, there is definitely a very exiting adventure that awaits. A new life of sorts.

Speaking of new and different, apparently this is a return of some sorts for Yelle. Even though I can't understand but 3 words, I can't help but to enjoy the pop bubbly sound of it.

Safari Disco Club by YELLE

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