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What's with the name? In my mid-twenties, I had essentially gone through one kind of life and am starting to enter another. The people that are probably going to read this blog know exactly what I'm talking about - but for those who don't know, here's a brief rundown . Cheers to Chapter 2! A journey in health in many ways, and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I am also a blogger for GreenMommas.com. This is my blog.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Week 2 : 30 Day Photo Food Diary Challenge

I've tried a lot of new things this week. From Quinoa-stuffed peppers, to olives, shredded beets and smoothies with chia - variety seems to be what's keeping me going on this eating plan. And the weird thing is, I don't find myself missing those traditional carbs now (rice, potato). I have sustainable energy without them. The weight loss is also helping me stay committed too! In two weeks, I've lost 10 pounds, which is pretty incredible since I haven't lost anything in the 10 months prior.

This is a re-dedication to myself and nutrition. It reminds me if I want the numbers on the scale to change, I must change what I'm doing too. That said - I don't feel deprived. And I'll admit to having a little wine each night. The smoothies are almost indulgent - my little midday treat. 

Day 8 Meals:

  • Scrambled eggs w/spinach, orange pepper, onion and a little bit of shredded cheese
  • Green juice : spinach, lemon, orange, apple & superfood powder
  • Shrimp & snap peas w/salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper flakes
  • Carrots, mixed nuts and 'everything' hummus
  • Grilled thin-sliced pork w/horseradish sour cream & more snap peas with sea salt

Day 9 Meals:
  • Scrambled eggs, spinach, orange peppers, onions
  • Bananas w/frozen berries and mixed nuts
  • Shrimp, carrots, mixed nuts
  • Pork tenderloin (roasted in oven), quinoa-stuffed peppers (quinoa, mushrooms, spinach, carrots, onion)

Day 10 Meals (1/3 of the way through!):
  • Ham/swiss & broccoli omelette with fresh spinach on the side
  • Pork Provencal, radish sprouts, shredded beets, cukes, artichoke hearts
  • Raspberry Chia Peach smoothie : raspberries, peaches, chia seads, vanilla pea protein, dates, almond milk
  • Carrots & everything hummus
  • Lettuce wrap tacos - ground beef, homemade seasoning, onions, jalapenos, romaine lettuce

Day 11 Meals :
  • Scrambled eggs w/spinach, almonds and a little shredded cheese
  • Peach mango carrot smoothie
  • Chicken masala, cukes, shredded beets, radish sprouts, olives, curry-roasted cauliflower
  • Carrots & almonds
  • Pork chop, shrimp (both pan-seared), broccoli with Annie's organic Goddess dressing.

Day 12 Meals:
  • Bacon, spinach & feta omelette with extra spinach on the side
  • Peach, orange, coconut milk smoothie
  • Beef burger. Olives, cukes, yellow//red peppers, radish sprouts
  • Carrots and almonds
  • Skirt steak & salad

Day 13 Meals:
  • Scrambled eggs, spinach & almonds
  • Turkey, radishes, white bean & cucumber salad with fresh herbs
  • Protein smoothie: peanut butter, bananas, almond milk, cacoa nibs, vanilla pea protein
  • Scallops & shrimp. Steamed kale with balsamic dressing

Day 14 Meals:
  • Fiesta scrambled eggs with spinach, peppers and cheese
  • Banana with peanut butter 
  • Italian tapas night! Calamari woth pesto, sausage scaparilla, caprese salad 

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