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What's with the name? In my mid-twenties, I had essentially gone through one kind of life and am starting to enter another. The people that are probably going to read this blog know exactly what I'm talking about - but for those who don't know, here's a brief rundown . Cheers to Chapter 2! A journey in health in many ways, and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I am also a blogger for GreenMommas.com. This is my blog.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Days 8 - 11 of the Uber-Long 21 Day Cleanse Diary

Day 8 :

At this point the eating regime has become somewhat normal to me. I don't allow myself to get really hungry because I find that's when I crave the food I'm not supposed to have the most. It scares me a little that my eating is so controlled right now and so is the weight loss. I know I have to add back in protein on Day 11 (Sunday), but I almost don't want to. But I have to remember I lost most of my weight in the last year at a very steady, much slower pace. Losing a pound almost every day is too fast. For a moment today I was tempted to revert to my teenage self; that girl that lost weight so fast by eating only around 800 calories a day and working out for two hour sessions. But when I was 15, I lost 80 lbs and gained it all back just as fast as I lost it. While the fast weight loss during this cleanse is comforting, this not a manageable way to eat, as tempting as it is to continue on with it just to lose weight fast. I am much smarter this time around.

And so, I will  add some healthy fats and proteins in to slow the weight loss down - it will be weight that stays off. I'll start in small portions, maybe just with dinner. I'm pretty tired of eating salad for lunch nearly everyday. After the cleanse I've already decided to implement a few changes to my nutrition plan : drink at least 64 oz of water a day, increase vegetable intake, reduce dairy and consider replacing a meal with the smoothie some days. I may end up staying gluten free, but the Italian in me is fighting for that not to happen. A big win for me is that I don't need caffeine anymore, I'm fine without it.

Today I went back to CrossFit after a week off from it. It was amazing. I felt stronger and faster with more energy. I missed it, for sure.

Around 4pm my cravings for food kicked in. I kept surfing the web for some sort of vegan spinach artichoke dip but all the recipes included tofu and/or nuts, which are both off limits. So I took matters in to my own hands! I went over to healthy living (I practically live there now) and perused the isles for an interesting dinner dish. I decided to make a spinach/artichoke pasta! I would use oil and veggie stock along with my old favorites garlic & onion which ended up being a delightful and filling dish! Now, I used organic brown rice noodles which tasted just like spaghetti, honestly. What's nice about the rice noodles is that that you can cook them just like a risotto, absorbing the flavor of the stock and spices. I was really happy with this dish :

Breakfast : Strawberry Blueberry Spinach Smoothie
Snacks : Apple
Lunch : Peach Pineapple Smoothie / BIG Salad w/vinaigrette
Dinner : Pasta! (not really). Rice noodles sauteed w/spinach, artichoke, red pepper, onions, garlic, vegetable stock & a little lemon juice.

Exercise : Back at CrossFit!

Day 9 :
8 days / 6.5lbs down

The scale keeps moving! I had a freak out moment last night when I realized that my brother's graduation in Boston was next weekend, not the weekend after (when I would be done the cleanse). There was no way I could face multiple dinners out and be on this cleanse, right? After my initial scare I made sure I had a room with a mini-fridge with a freezer compartment at the hotel so I could bring stuff for fruit smoothies. Noah reminded me that I would at least be able to eat chicken and fish out to dinner. I decided to bring all my food for breakfast and lunch and then I would at least be able to have protein and veggies at dinner. I can do this, right? The hotel also has a new fitness center which will help keep me on my game Friday & Saturday. So the only thing I'm going to have to say no to is the bread & wine, I can do it!

I'm a little sore from CrossFit yesterday but I was there again today. Since I was starving yesterday around 4 I waited to have lunch until after I workout, instead of before like yesterday. It was a good one! I was doing 70lb push presses, box jumps, squats and wall balls in a team of three. Our team was amazing, we did the most amount of rounds - 10 in 25 minutes. And I was definitely starving after.

Breakfast: Cherry Peach Spinach Smoothie
Snacks : Carrots, Apples
Lunch : Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie, Carrot Soup
Dinner : Sweet potato fries, steamed kale, rice

Days 10 - 11 :
11 days / -8.4lbs

Over the weekend the weight loss kept going, I am now down 8.4 lbs since the start of the cleanse which means I have lost 10.4 lbs this month. NEVER have I hit double digit weight loss in a month during this weight loss journey. I am beaming right now, incredibly happy.

I didn't intend to work out this weekend, but getting up Saturday morning I saw Sarah had already gone running! Feeling inspired, I laced up my shoes and headed out the door and I was so glad I did. I ran my fastest 5K time in just under 28 minutes!!! I stayed steady at 9min per mile for 3.1 miles - incredible! Not to mention it was beautiful outside this weekend.

My eating was good this weekend although I attended two very 'tempting' events. We went to see MGMT at SpringFest on Saturday. Watching pizza and gyros go by me I was a little jealous. But I know that when I get too hungry on this cleanse I start to get bad cravings. Avoiding the food trucks I went home and made a nice rice noodle stir fry for dinner and the cravings were gone. Sunday we went to Noah's parents house. He was so sweet to let his mom know about my cleanse. She bought me a piece of salmon and grilled some veggies for me. Sunday was day 11 so bring on the protein! I had a small piece of salmon for lunch avoiding chips, burgers, potato salad, rice krispie treats, cake and soda. I wouldn't normally indulge in dessert anyway, but if I was not on the cleanse I would've had a burger and some potato salad at least. It was great to spend most of the weekend outside! Beautiful VT spring weather.

This weekend was successful as the scale let me know on Monday!

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