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What's with the name? In my mid-twenties, I had essentially gone through one kind of life and am starting to enter another. The people that are probably going to read this blog know exactly what I'm talking about - but for those who don't know, here's a brief rundown . Cheers to Chapter 2! A journey in health in many ways, and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I am also a blogger for GreenMommas.com. This is my blog.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week 'Who Knows' Recap : I've Never Been a Runner, But...

Trying to figure out what week I'm actually on is getting a little confusing and sometimes depressing (as it's nearing or in to the 40's now). So, I'll just write an update when I feel like I have something to say. Must remember this is a journey, a lifestyle, and not a race to the end. I must look at how far I've come, and keep making steps in the right direction.

Last week, as I promised myself I would do before the end of 2012, I signed up for my first 5k race! On December 2nd my mom and I (as well as many other coworkers and friends) will be running in the Santa 5k - dressed in Santa suits. I'm pretty exited about it, it should be fun. It's definitely motivating me to do some more running - Sunday morning I was up and out the door at 7:45am in 37 degree weather for a run. Got about 3 miles done in 34.5 minutes, I am hoping for my first 5k I can run the 3.1 in under 35 minutes. It's going to take a bit of work and some more practice but I don't see any reason I can't to it. I've been fitting in a little extra treadmill time when I can. For the shorter CrossFit classes, I'll go up and run until I've burned over 500 calories total for the workout. Today (Tuesday) I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill in 35 minutes 12 seconds! I really pushed myself and gave it my all, setting specific time goals per mile. I'm no doubt the fastest I've ever been.

I've never been a runner, quite honestly I've pretty much always hated it. I think that's because it's always been hard for me. I am learning to love it, though, as it's becoming a great testament to my increasing improvement in health. I've shaved at least 10 minutes of my 'starting' 5k time of 46 minutes in a little over eight months. I progress every month, even if I haven't been consistently running. It makes sense - less mass for my legs to move means I can move my own weight faster. Increasing leg strength means it's easier to propel myself forward at a faster pace. I don't consider it hard now, but a challenge that enables me to set measurable goals. Maybe I will be a runner someday.

Workout this week: 

Monday : Spin & Sculpt = 470 calories

Tuesday : My own 'at home' CrossFit workout = 260 calories

Wednesday : Spin & Sculpt = 515 calories

Thursday : CrossFit + 10 min treadmill run = 537 calories

Friday : CrossFit + 5 min treadill run = 507 calories

Sunday : 3 mile run = 488 calories

Overall it was a good workout week. Cut back my gluten intake again (I had a piece of bread at Noah's birthday dinner on Friday night, but that's OK). Going gluten-free entirely is still proving hard, but I am having less and less over each week. This has been an effective way for me to cut anything out of my diet, and leaves me feeling less deprived of foods. Instead of cutting things out completely (which sets me, personally, up for failure), gradually reducing them until they're nearly eliminated has worked better.

Lost another pound, hooray! -53.5 total. I'm five pounds away from my halfway mark, but still 16 lbs away from my year-end goal. I may make it, I may not. But if I don't, I'll be close. How about this Pinspiration, seems fitting for me right now :

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