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What's with the name? In my mid-twenties, I had essentially gone through one kind of life and am starting to enter another. The people that are probably going to read this blog know exactly what I'm talking about - but for those who don't know, here's a brief rundown . Cheers to Chapter 2! A journey in health in many ways, and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I am also a blogger for GreenMommas.com. This is my blog.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 32 Recap : Lesson in Discipline

This week, as I mentioned in my last post, I really zeroed in on my diet. I started using my handy calorie counter app again as well because although I have pretty much learned what I can / can't / shouldn't eat logging everything helps. I ate less grains (any starch I did eat was limited it one serving on rice or potato a day, minimal processed stuff) which was a little harder than I thought. Instead of my lunchtime sandwich a few days a week, I did what I said and stuck to protein and veggies.

But here is where I know I can improve - the weekends. Friday & Saturday I was not on par with my eating or drinking. Although we walked a bit Saturday doing the tourist thing in Stowe, I still did a wine tasting and had a few martinis both Friday & Saturday night. Still, I really can't beat myself up about the weekend because I resisted both cider donuts and Ben & Jerry's ice cream (win, win!). I feel I can definitely eliminate some (but not all) of my booze intake and that will help me out. But really other than that, it was a good nutritional week for me. I lost a pound and a half (the ticker is rounding 49.5 up to 50, and I'll take it!).

The last few weeks have been pretty frustrating though. I haven't dropped as much per week as I'm used to. During this journey I knew during this journey I was bound to hit a few walls. So, I could choose to just let the wall block me or find a way to climb over the damn thing even though it might take me time and more energy. Not getting discouraged. Trying new workouts the last two weeks is definitely a step in the right direction.

Workout This Week :

Monday : Spin & Sculpt = 480 calories

Tuesday : Bodypump = 401 calories

Wednesday : Spin & Sculpt = 460 calories

Thursday : 2.5 mile walk = 350 calories

Friday : CrossFit = 550 calories

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