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What's with the name? In my mid-twenties, I had essentially gone through one kind of life and am starting to enter another. The people that are probably going to read this blog know exactly what I'm talking about - but for those who don't know, here's a brief rundown . Cheers to Chapter 2! A journey in health in many ways, and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I am also a blogger for GreenMommas.com. This is my blog.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Without a coat and in to Festival Season!

It's April 14, 45 degrees, and I'm wearing a skirt and flip flops. Now, this might not seem like appropriate clothing for the conditions, but it's April and I am giving up my pants/leggings, boots and winter coat. Warm weather will come eventually. Heck, it was 73 degrees on Monday of last week. But it's Vermont. I have come to terms with our obscure weather, or our lack of weather pattern at all. It could be 70 degrees and sunny one day, and  snowing the next. I do remember a snow fall once in June, during my high school days - wow is my high school 10 year reunion really supposed to be next year?! Scary. Anyway, I digress. So yes, off with the coats and in with pasty white skin that hasn't seen sunlight since, well, last summer. And while my cold-to-the-touch legs are waiting for that 70 degrees and sun again, let's talk about what I am most looking forward too this summer.

M-U-S-I-C, outside. While it is a bummer that UVM's springfest this Saturday has been moved inside to the Patrick Gym (the stage would sink in to the green it's so moist), at least it's an attempted start to the beautiful, unpredictable and absolutely necessary outdoor music season. It will still be a fantastic show - with the Roots and Thievery Corporation DJ set. I really can't imagine those two acts could ever disappoint. I'm actually pretty stoked to see Thievery do a DJ set. While they are amazing live, I have seen them no less than three times in the past year and a half, and they usually do a very similar set. Music outside - June for me marks the start of Festival Season! For a reasonable ticket price, you can see a menagerie of your favorite acts perform while you tough it out camping with port-o-potties, little running water and no electricity. But that is the whole experience of things. The festival culture is something you will not see anywhere else besides a festival. The music and togetherness allow people to let go of their inhibitions and just enjoy themselves (am I sounding like a hippie yet?) A good music festival is probably the freest place you can be on Earth. Surrounded by people that all love the music and to be there with you. I'm still deciding on the festivals I'll attend this season, one I am pretty sure of is Camp Bisco. It was hands down my favorite last year with more than enough bass, lightsticks, lazer-like light shows and Eeyores on sticks to go around for everyone (yes the Winnie the Pooh character).

Cheers to the kick-off of a great spring, which will lead to a fantastic summer, and enjoy some tracks from this year's Camp Bisco artists below:

Cut Copy - Pharaohs and Pyramids by modularpeople

Nighttime by Afrobeta

Everyday (Netsky Remix) by Rusko

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